This blog does not, nor will it ever represent the views of the United States or Chinese government or the Peace Corps.. Because that's how I do what I do.

About this traveling panda

I'm your typical Navy brat, growing up I bounced around the U.S., Japan and Italy. I skipped the American university scene and decided to move to Australia. There, I waltzed with the wallabies, wrestled with crocs and nestled in a kangaroo's pouch :P Actually, I received my Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations where my interests in Asia-Pacific strategy was piqued.

Currently I am serving as an EFL teacher at a vocational college in Chongqing. Here I teach future mechanics and electricians to "talk pretty one day". By that I mean, they will be talking jive, and can fist pump with the best of them, and when they see a laowai, they won't scream HELLLOOOO at them, then run away giggling like a demented 15 year old girl. That's the dream anyway.