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Friday, August 5, 2011

Site Announcements

So the site announcements have been made, and the verdict is in I am going to...................
Chongqing is a municipality of China just to the east of Sichuan and north of Guizhou. The population of CQ: over 28 million.
I will be working at an Industry Polytechnic School. Most of the students are lower level English speakers, which is what I prefer. I have been told when most students graduate they will work in the automotive industry building cars. So right now I am researching American movies that center around cars. I know, so ingenious of me :P
I will have a site mate, a China 16, so it'll be great to have someone around that speaks English and actually has some idea of what is going on.
So far the university has been awesome and really on the ball, I already have a schedule for the week, my apartment is ready to go and I can leave bags there when I go!!
A few SU trainees have also been assigned to CQ which makes me very very very happy, especially since all of them are awesome. Other SU trainees are spread around the other sites, so at least I know I have a couch to crash on in all four provinces.
Monday I leave for site visit, so I will be sure to take plenty of pictures!

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  1. Hey, Megan! I know Chongqing wasn't your first choice (or 2nd, 3rd, and so on) but I think that your positive attitude will make it a very meaningful posting. The zone obviously has many challenges but it also provides an excellent view of today's China, especially in terms of industry and manufacturing. I hope you have a positive site visit - ask lots of questions and work diligently to identify measures you can take to be safe and successful. With much love, Dad