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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hi I'm Megan and I'm auditioning for the role of teacher

It's been over a month in at site, and I have finally started teaching. I have a nice mix of students, my morning classes are all 4 year students and my night classes are 3 year students. Prior to classes starting, the 3 year students had to be handpicked by me. I wish I had taken a video of those interviews, it was like Chinese X-Factor. I had students singing, rapping, beat boxing, mimicking their military training, and giving 3 minute long prepared speeches. Simultaneously to being hysterical, some of the interviews were downright heartbreaking. Some students refused to accept the concept of going on holiday, insisting that they had to go home and take care of their family. Another student told me of her hobby, spending time with her father, because a year ago her mother went to paradise and now her father is lonely. That one was tough to respond to.
But ultimately selections had to be made, and I had my night classes narrowed down to 25 students per class.

Class started last Saturday, which has now completely thrown the schedule. This, however, is a common fact of life here so I am rolling with it. The students are all proving themselves to be enthusiastic and hardworking. I'm trying to emphasize creativity and original thought, and sometimes it works and sometimes it bombs. But that is life in classroom. :)

I have class monitors, they are students picked by the staff to help out the teacher and keep the classroom clean. It's insane, as soon as class is over, they go around, collect name cards, sweep the classroom, wipe down the boards and mop if it's been raining. It's almost disconcerting how efficient they are.

Life outside the classroom has been going well, I have been visiting fellow PCVs and getting to know the town closest to me, Yubei.
Shout out to the greatest family in the world, they have sent several loving care packs. I'm now stocked in spices, winter clothes and face wash. The face wash is exciting because almost all of the face care items here contain whitening products. :S When the boxes full of western food goodness, I think I may have more than one happy dance. One can only eat so much Hot Pot.

I miss you all and I love you! 

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  1. ah Megan, so exciting! hadn't visited ur blog in a while but now i caught up with the last 4 entries :)

    i remember hotpot :D i hope ur having some awesome dumplings too!
    tanti baci & good luck with the teaching!