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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A very Chinese Halloween

Last year was the first time I had celebrated Halloween in the United States since I was about 12, so around ten years ago. I was filled with all these hopes and dreams of terrifying trick or treaters  and helping them down that slippery slope towards childhood obesity and diabetes. However, I didn't take into account that my neighborhood had about 3 kids. Hopes and dreams were dashed, then replaced by the sugar coma of diving into 1 lb of neglected Halloween candy.
So, with that memory fresh in my mind I didn't have very high hopes for celebrating Halloween in China. Boy was I wrong.
I spent the weekend in downtown Chongqing keeping the Halloween spirit alive with some of my favorite volunteers, we spent Saturday educating the Chinese public what costumes are and how adults interpret the concept of Trick or Treat. Sunday was a day of recovery, Suzie's Pizza Home and being back in my own bed and sound asleep by 6:30 pm.
This week all of my classes are learning about Halloween, and for some students, for the first time. The first lesson is centered around learning the vocabulary, watching Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and the Simpson's Tree-house of Horror. This is all in preparation for lesson 2: write and tell your own scary story, and if there is time remaining watching Goosebumps. I plan on having them say it campfire style with a flashlight and everything. The highlight so far has been practicing howling and screaming in horror. I pity the adjacent classrooms.
I hope everyone had a very spooky Halloween! I love you and miss you all

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