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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brief recap of November

I apologize this is a bit of an overdue update. I have been informed by a certain family member (cough cough DAD) that people actually do read this and want to hear what is going on. Plus, the 17's just passed our 5 month anniversary.
Teaching: the students continue to be the highlight of my experience here. Granted there are days when I am convinced I am teaching 5th graders (cricket in the face), there are 5 more when I know I am making an impact on their lives. I have one student, who for 2 months I was convinced he did not understand a word I was saying. Then last week, it was like a light bulb came on, he just clicked. He has been actively participating, contributing and reacting to what I say. Students like him make me seriously consider ditching the diplomacy dreams and continuing to teach after the PC.
Travelling: Not so much this month, went to Chengdu a few weeks ago for a work session, and  yesterday, the school took E and myself to the Chongqing Garden Exhibition. That place is huge. And not very garden-y, I would call it strategic placement of potted plants. As in flowers that really should be in the ground were just plopped on top. I don't think gardens are a very big thing here. But it turned out to be a beautiful day; a rare one here in CQ in that we could see the sky. The clear blue sky, sunshine, with cool weather, it was a nice start to the winter season. If only it would last. Next week the school is taking us to the hot springs which should be amaaaazing. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees (celsius), so a nice soak in the hot springs is just what the doctor ordered.
Thanksgiving: I think it is a requisite for PCVs to have a Thanksgiving post. Thanksgivings are weird for me, we always celebrated it at home, but it was never the "typical" Thanksgiving, this may be due to the fact that we were almost always overseas. But being with my family always made it special, and in Brisbane it was with my awesome friends (who are pretty much my family).  This year was no different, one of my closest friends here, Ashley, hosted Thanksgiving at her house. It was a smaller gathering, but very relaxing and filled with amazing food and friends. I am so grateful for the friends I have made here, they are quickly becoming like family. This I think is hugely important, in that everyone needs a support system, but for the most part our friends and family back home can never truly understand some of the issues we face every day.
The coming weeks: Next week is a little bit crazy, on Monday I am teaching my Chinese tutor how to make pizza, on Thursday we have the PC site visit, on Friday we head to the hot springs and on Saturday it's my birthday!
I miss  and love y'all! 


  1. Thanks for the terrific update, Megan! Love, Dad

  2. It is always so good to hear how life is for you in China. I am with your Dad-cough my little brother, in insisting on more updates ! You can't keep us hanging....
    Wishing you the best Birthday ever and a slendiforous new year....
    Love you always, Anti- Beth