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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Am I still really the only China invitee for 2011?

UPDATE: A fellow China invitee, Eric has created a group on Facebook, Peace Corps China 2011 for anyone that has Facebook and has been invited to serve starting 2011. I look forward to meeting you all!!!
So I have tried to avoid being one of those bloggers that write on anything that happens during the day, generally it's very banal and I know not many of you give a rat's furry ass. I mean who really cares what I am wearing, my day as a volunteer teacher, various quotes I find interesting, "artistic" photos of my toe, or other stories that will eventually come off as condescending blather. I'm not really artistic, and I hate poetry. :)
And for my friends and family, not to worry I will write as much as possible while in China, but as I am still residing in the good ole land of the free, you'll have to wait with bated breath till July. :)
And I'm rambling again. It's a family trait, I apologize.

So, the point of this particular entry. Through my stalkings of PCJournals I thought I had finally discovered a fellow China invitee. Then her invitation was revoked, and replaced with a cool one for Swaziland ( as I read this over, stalker much Meg?).
Now, this may seem sad, but as I troll through the various applicant entries I find myself humming "I'm so ronery" from Team America. Have I become the smelly kid in class that everyone else avoided? Or am I just the only kid in class at this point in time?

Therefore, to cut the rambling off before I drive myself nuts, it would be awesome to hear from any fellow China invitees. I mean we are going to be stuck together for the next two years. :P


  1. Hi Megan! Im also going to China end of June!!! So excited! Friend me on Facebook!

  2. My husband Eric and I are going to China at the end of June too! You should find us on Facebook. -Saara Myrene Raappana

  3. Yay! No longer feeling like Puppet Kim Jong Il! :P

  4. I was invited to China a few months ago so you're not arone!

  5. They just mailed my invitation kit yesterday but after speaking with my placement officer it looks like I too will be heading the China at the end of June!!!

  6. It's official! Add me to the list! But...I can't seem to find the Facebook group :(

  7. Congratulations!! Here this link should work, so long as you are signed in:

    And welcome to China 17s!

  8. My husband, Adam and I are going to China too!

  9. That's awesome! Plus the staging email is in today! Getting excited!!!!