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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The dry run

So this is me admitting that I start planning way before I should. Luckily my fellow China invitees seem to be very similar; as soon as the staging email was sent out our Facebook group wall was inundated with posts like "I booked my flight to Chicago!" Oh yes, our staging will be held in Chicago this year :)

Anyways, this has been the week of discovery. I discovered I am incredibly grateful that my nomination was pushed back to June as I was able to watch my brother graduate with a degree in nuclear engineering and computer science from the oldest technical institute in the United States, and I have been able to visit with family members all over the East Coast.

I also discovered that I am a freaking god when it comes to packing.

So, yes, today my wonderful parents took me shopping for PC appropriate clothes i.e. clothes that will last for at least 2 years that didn't make me look like an idiot/slob/skank/bag of potatoes/homeless person/ take your pick. I came home LOADED with bags of clothes and some awesome sturdy sandals. Then I figure hey Megan, it's only a cool 100 degrees I think it would be a great idea to schlep all of the clothes you plan to bring around the house, organize them and attempt to pack them in your two bags. (The ugly green Osprey rolling duffle I call "Kermit", and a 50L hiking pack I have deemed "Pinkey") After some editing out of clothes I think I have finally smushed all the clothes I could, leaving space for toiletries and small gifts for my host family. I have decided to provide a list to help out/ totally intimidate others (yes be impressed by my skills) :P

Misc- Please note I am planning on doing some hiking/camping while in China thus the random supplies, these are outside the norm for China PCVs
-Nalgene bottle x1
-Dry Shampoo x1
-Dry body wash x1
-Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide tablets x1 box
-Adventure Medical/Survival Kit
-Needle nose tweezers
-Spices:  These are all in Penzey's spice bags to cut down on weight
-Sleeping bag

-Nice work shirts x10
-Skirts x6
-Shorts x5
-Vests x4
-Light jackets- Fleece, blazers x6
-Jeans x2
-Work pants x2
-Yoga pants/ travel pants x2
-Dresses x6 (All but 2 are business dresses)
-Thermals x1
-Leggings x1
-PJ x3
-Exercise shirts x4
-Running shorts x2
-Casual shirts x13
-Undershirts x5
- Sweaters/ Hoodies/ Cardis x7

-Running x1
-Hiking x1
-Sandals x1
-Ballet flats x1
-Heels x1
- Flat sandals x1
-Sturdy sandals x1
-Thongs x1
-Boots x1

-Socks (smart wool) x4
-Socks (running) x4
-Headbands x2
-Baseball cap x1
-Scarves: x3

Still need to pack:
Toiletries, hair dryer, small gifts.
I'm headed to the Post Office this week to pick up some flat rate boxes for some thick sweaters, a heavy jacket and other winter gear. The plan is I will pack them now and have them ready to go for my Dad (who is totally awesome for doing this hint hint) to send them to me as soon as I know my site.

So now I get the joyous task of unpacking my bags, putting the clothes aside and waiting till staging....27 days and 14 hours (but who's counting?)

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